How To Use

Step by guide to use Dictozo

A.  Installing the plugin

  1. Install the V5.0 version of Dictozo by clicking "Add to Chrome" button either from webstore or from homepage
  2. It will ask for following permissions, accept them

    NOTE: Don't worry about the permission saying " It can Read and change all your data on websites you visit" Its just Chrome's horrible way to tell users that plugin can add additional text to your webpage, which is necessary for FEATURE No. 4 to work. We are not stealing/modifying any of your personal data that is not linked to Dictozo anyway. Read our Privacy Policy for sake

  3. On successful install, you will receive a confirmation mail from Dictozo containing your Email and Password on the Email ID which you have signed in to chrome.
  4. Keep this info safe, as you have to enter these Email and Password while logging in to your dashboard.

B.  Searching for Translations and Definitions

    Dictozo provides you 5 different ways to perform a search.
  1. Direct Search - Just open the app, you will see a search input field. Enter the word to search and hit enter or submit button adjacent to input field
  2. In-Page Search - You can select a word whose meaning you want to look. Then right-click on it. You will see an option stating "Search yourword". Choose that option and a popup box with definition will appear on right side of the screen. You don't need to open the app
  3. Page Catch - This one is most convenient to use. Just select the word and open the app. You will see the definition and all other options you can perform.
  4. Google Catch - Try to find the meaning of any word on google, it will automatically reflect in the Dictozo app on opening.

    NOTE: Dictozo will able to take the only first word from Google's search input, so avoid writing sentences. E.g. "Define ersatz" displays the meaning of "Define" not of "ersatz".

  5. Double Click Magic - Inside the search results produced, if you Double Click on any word, Dictozo will perform a search query for that word too. So you don't have to type any word which is already in the definition.
  6. Refer Video

C.  Saving the Translations and Definitions

    Saving translation or definition has the same simple process.
  1. First, perform a search for the desired word

    NOTE: In-Page search method will not let you save the definition since it required to open the app. Please try with rest of the 4 methods of search.

  2. In order to save the definition, just click on "Add to List" button below the results, and it will be added to your personal storage. To have a look at it later, just open the app and click on "Show List" button.
  3. Similarly to save translation, perform a search with switch enabled towards translation. When translation is displayed hit the "Add to List" button.
  4. Refer Video

D.  Using the Dashboard

    Dictozo account comes with personalized dashboard, to organize your content
  1. To open the dashboard, simply open the app and click dashboard icon at the bottom or navigate to Dashboard and log in with your email and password you have received in the email during installation.

    NOTE: If you don't have access to that mail, just click on "Forgot Password" button and we will send you the email again.

  2. After logging in, you will see all of your saved words in the grid layout in left tab "Favourites". You can also look at your searched history in "History" tab.
  3. You can also mark out learned words by clicking on the icon. Those words will be moved to "Mastered" tab.
  4. Words can also be sorted according to the time you have saved them.
  5. To get scheduled notifications, turn on the push notification in the Settings page.
  6. To stop scanning the web-pages for favorites words, turn off that feature in the settings page.
  7. Refer Video

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