Still forgetting english words even after using the dictionary?

Build your Vocabulary in smartest way

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So, What it exactly does?

You used to search every time after seeing a new word while reading an article. Usually, you check the word and forget it afterwards. You need to repeat the process every time even for the same word which has already been checked just a week ago. If you are facing this problem of forgetting words, Dictozo is for you.

DICTOZO is a powerful chrome browser plugin (extension) which lets you save definitions and translations of English words at once, and displays them on every next occurrence on web-page. Completely eliminating the need to search again thus enhances your vocabulary and memorizing capability.

The 5 Stunning Features that you’ll love

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Instant In-page Translations

Search definitions of more than 200,000 English words in more than 100 languages at blazing speed without even leaving the current browser tab and boost your vocabulary memorization power

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Save Bulk Definitions

Save as many vocabulary definitions, words and their translations. You can check them periodically to have track of your memorized words.

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In Page Search

You can perform searches without even opening the app, just double click/select the word, right click and choose search via DICTOZO.

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Web-page Scanning

Scans the page and highlight those words which are already in your saved list, you just have to place the cursor over the word, in order to display the meaning.

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Replace any word with custom text

Replace the word in webpage with any custom text which looks more reliable to you to remember. So in case, you can replace any word e.g. ersatz with any new word e.g. substitute on any webpage

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