5 tricks to learn and improve your accent in any language

While learning any new language most often we use to neglect its accent. Accent plays a very crucial role in your language, it makes your speaking more attractive and understandable. So apart from grammar and vocabulary, you need to focus on the accents. So there are five tricks that you can use to improve your accent.

1. Get familiar with phonetic alphabets

The phonetic alphabet will help you to identify new different sounds. Getting Familiar with the phonetic alphabets of the language that you are learning will help you in the recognition of those sounds to which your ears are not tuned to. Once you start recognizing those sounds, you will start noticing them more whenever you are speaking and listening in your new language.

2. Expose yourself more to the language

To learn more switch yourself from practice to speaking more. Of course, in the beginning, you may find this difficult but after some time you will become comfortable with the language. Try more to speak with the native people, by doing so you will be able to correct yourself by learning from them. You can improve more by listening to podcasts or by watching TV series, even if you don’t understand some words still keep trying.

3. Identify the pronounciations

Whenever you are practicing the language always keep your focus on the pronunciations of the words carefully. By doing so you will find many words which have the same pronunciation as your native language. With the similarities that are identified from the pronounciation you can focus more on the sounds which donot have any existence in your native language. But resist yourself from this comparison to some extent because this will make your pronunciation more hard to improve in the long run.

4. Listen more to improve your accent

Listening plays a very important role in improving your accent. Instead of focusing on grammar or punctuation focus more on the phonetic aspects of the language. You can listen to the short audio tracks or podcasts of the language you want to learn and focus on the rhythms, breaks, and intonations. Try to understand the things which give fluidity and try to practice them.

5. Practice for more perfection

Everything to become the best version needs practice. For practicing your accent you will require skills and patience so that if it does not come to you immediately you don’t get demotivated. To become more efficient in your accent you have to be consistent. You can practice by collecting newspapers, movie scripts and read them aloud, and record yourself and then check for improvements.



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